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Arrived on the scene in 2009

We adopted Scooter from the Hobart Cat’s Home, he was a young fellow back then.

Scooter was very cuddly (when he wanted to be) and had distinctive eyes.

His hair grew thicker and became hard to manage.  It would often matt up and since he wouldn’t let us brush him the only way to handle it was to cut the knots out.  Then we discovered that he loved to be rubbed while he ate his food.  So pretty soon it because a daily ritual to brush his fur at meal time.

 It got to the point where he would refuse to eat unless he was getting brushed at the same time.

Scooter use to love climbing in our jackets for a warm snuggle.  even when he grew to full size he would still sneak in under your jumper if you’d let him.  It was so funny seeing a full sized cat nestled inside my jumper!



Arrived on the scene in 2014

Leroy is a very affectionate fellow with a purr that can be heard a mile away.  So friendly that we sometimes think he will be adopted by a neighbour and won’t come home.  He loves a good rub and a cuddle but only on his terms. If he’s really pleased with you he’ll happily give your nose a lick!

Appreciative connoisseur of tinned tuna.

If he’s had enough of you its possible you will get a bite for your troubles.

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